Nervous to Break

One November, when I was 16 years old, I got my drivers license. My dad bought me a car from his buddy and I started to drive myself to school every day, begrudgingly. 11 days after I got the car, I was driving to school on a cold morning. I merged on to the freeway … More Nervous to Break

Boy Oh Boy

Part 8: The next bump in the road of my fitness journey happened to be a boy. I had not had any boyfriends or time consuming distractions quite like this before. At the time I was 25 and he was a few years younger than me. If you’ve ever dated before, you’ll know that early … More Boy Oh Boy

The Middle

Health and fitness are directly intertwined with everything going on in your life. This period of my life had several key things that happened, both high and low, and in the same way so did my journey in health and fitness. I am a planner, I have a plan for everything and a contingency plan … More The Middle