The Middle

Health and fitness are directly intertwined with everything going on in your life. This period of my life had several key things that happened, both high and low, and in the same way so did my journey in health and fitness. I am a planner, I have a plan for everything and a contingency plan … More The Middle

Going in Reverse

For the next three years, things really leveled off for me. Classes got harder, participation in my sorority got more demanding, and spending time with friends became the number one priority. Over those next three years although I did keep some of my habits a lot of them fell off. I felt good about myself, … More Going in Reverse

The Beginning

My freshman year of college was certainly a rough one. My first semester I was taking multiple difficult classes, trying to figure out how to live on my own, I joined a new sorority which was struggling to stay afloat and there for was extremely demanding on my time, and I also started drinking alcohol. … More The Beginning