Getting Back on Track

So many people talk about health and fitness being a way of life and it is. However there are so many other things that factor into that.

Sometimes I’m super on top of things, feeling great, making good food choices, working out, doing things that are good for my mental status as well, but other times this isn’t the case.

Lately, I have had a lot of things on my plate. Family drama a busy and stressful job, travel, looking for a new apartment and so on. I’ve felt exhausted, but I wasn’t sleeping well. Cooking was a daunting thought. I just wanted to grab something easy. I struggled trying to listen to my body, trying to figure out if I should rest or if I needed to workout and kick the tiredness and the bad eating rut that I was in.

Everyone feels like this sometimes and that’s okay, but at some point you have to kick yourself back into gear and get back on track. These are my top tips for getting back on track.

  • Assess where you’re at and what it is you’re currently doing.
    • Maybe you’re eating well, but not sleeping or working out
    • Maybe you’re working out, but eating all the junk food
    • Maybe you’re taking your mental health for granted
    • Maybe you aren’t doing anything that you want to be doing
  • Choose a few things to focus on
    • Diving right back in full force usually leads to burnout. Was yourself back in. I like to choose 3 things to focus on each day or week. 1 nutrition goal, 1 fitness goal, and 1 personal goal (social life, work, mental health, family, ect.)
  • Make a game plan
    • Schedule out you week
    • Plans meals for the week
    • Schedule in your workouts
    • Be flexible, allow for changes and make adjustments
    • Allow for grace when set backs and failures happen
  • Watch, read, or listen to something that motivated you
    • I love to watch my favorite health and fitness Youtuber when I’m feeling unmotivated. It really inspires me
    • I also love to listen to podcasts and read personal development books that motivate me to work towards my goals. Sometimes it’s nice to draw inspiration and motivation from outside sources
  • Find an accountability partner
    • It’s always more fun to do something with other people. Some day’s you’re just not feeling it having someone else to help motivate you makes it much easier to stay on track. Plus it’s fun to cook for each other, swap recipes, trade books, recommend podcasts, and to compete with.

Life has a lot of ups and downs. We can’t be 100% all the time, but what is important is that we get back up.

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