Top 3 Tips to Start a Health and Fitness Lifestyle

First and foremost, start SLOW!!

As a person, who once they’ve decided to do something, goes all in, completely balls to the wall, I know how hard taking it slow can be, but truth is going from 0 to 100 is completely unsustainable in the long run. You are way more likely to fall of the wagon and you’ll fall hard. However, when you take small steps over a period of weeks and months, you are able to create sustainable habits and when you fall off the wagon which everyone inevitably does at point, it’s a lot smaller of a fall and way easier to get back on the band wagon.

Assess where you are and where you want to be and go from there. Maybe, you’re starting from scratch, at 0, then choose thinks like going on a mile walk 3 times a week , doing a 20 minute work out 3 times a week, or maybe you want to start with nutrition. You could start by eating a nutritious breakfast or a fruit or vegetable at every meal. Whatever you choose, just make it small and sustainable. Once you have got the hang of it start adding more things in.

Always think of it as adding something in to your life rather than taking something away. It is much easier to feel good, stay positive, and stick with changes when you feel like you are gaining something rather then restricting and taking things away.


Don’t be afraid to try out new things. In my journey I have honestly tried so many different styles of eating and working out. I’ve gone mean, done the blood type diet, done intermittent fasting, eaten 6 meals a day, gone paleo, gone gluten, dairy, and refined sugar free, and just about everything in between. I’ve also tried different work out styles including running, swimming, weights, HIIT, tabata, kickboxing, yoga, ploy, piles, and many other workouts.

You never know what is going to be sustainable and work best for you until you try. I am always learning, growing, changing, and trying out new things. I’m often surprised to find out what works for my body. I am also surprised at the different workouts that I enjoy. Some of the workouts that I’ve been the most hesitant about ended up being some of my favorite workouts that I’ve since added into my regular workout routine.

Last but not least, give yourself GRACE!!

This is a journey not a race. No one is perfect. We all have bad days, weeks and months. Life can be difficult and we can fall back into old habits. But, it’s important that when we do this, we recognize what we are doing and we make a conscious decision to try better, but to also forgive ourselves and allow ourselves to be human and to screw up. Life isn’t sustainable if you’re too hard on yourself and always striving for perfection. Just try to be better than you were the day before an everything will workout.

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