How to Get Re-motivated

Recently I have felt completely unmotivated and uninspired at work. I have things I know I have to do, but they seem daunting, monotonous, boring, and I just don’t feel like doing them. That being said I know they need to get done.

The question is though, how do I get re-energied and motivated about my work? Sure, I have projects and things outside of work that excite me and that I’m working on, but at the end of the day my day job is what pays the bills, not that I don’t like my job because I do, but every job you do, you hit lulls where you get bored, tired, over-worker, whatever and that makes you demotivated.

Here are some of my top tips and tricks to get re-motivated.

  1. Make a to-do list the night before.
    • I love to check things off of a list. It makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something which helps energize me. Making a list the night before allows you to process what you’ve accomplished and what needs to be worked on for the next day. That way you already know what’s in store for the next day
  2. Meditate when you wake up
    • I find that taking some time to calm my brain and set an intention for the day really sets the day on a good foot. It helps me to slow dow, relax, and added what’s important.
  3. Eat breakfast
    • I find that when I take time for breakfast in the morning, it helps me get in the work mode. It helps get me moving, productive and it helps to get your brain and your body going. I like to eat a well rounded breakfast for instance 1 piece of multi-grin toast, half a mashed avocado, sprouts, and 2 scrambled eggs.
  4. Get to work early
    • When I give myself plenty of time to get into to work to look over my to-do list, glance at my phone, and then when work starts I have already gotten my distractions out of the way and I am ready to start my day.
  5. Get all of your things ready before you sit down to work
    • I like to get myself situated before I start work. I grab my coffee, water, plug in my phone charger, take out my planner, get my to-do list, grab a blanket when it’s cold in my office (which is always), and make sure that I have all of the things that I need to start my day prior to sitting down. This way I don’t have to keep getting up and down because I forgot something.
  6. Don’t read your e-mail for the first hour
    • E-mail can be like a blackhole. I get stuck there for hours reading random articles and other things that come into my inbox. When I first started learning about time management it was recommended to schedule time to look at your e-mail twice a day. This felt undoable for me. Instead I don’t read my e-mail for the first hour at least. This allows me to start my day productive without all of the distractions of my inbox. If I know that there are important things going on, I will look at my inbox for those specific time sensitive e-mails, but then close out of it.
  7. Utilize post-it notes or a notebook to write errant thoughts
    • I am easily distractible and I tend to line in my head. So, I find it helpful when I have random passing thoughts like grocery lists, books I want to read, blog post ideas, things I want to do, ect, to write them down when I’m thinking about them. It gets the thoughts out of my head and I can get back to them later when I have time.
  8. Get up and walk around
    1. It can be difficult to sit in your chair all day and stay motivated. I like to get up an walk around for around an hour a day. This includes regular bathroom breaks, quick walks around the office, filling up my water bottle, a lunch time walk, or wherever I can fit in a few minute to walk around. I think it is immensely helpful to keeping myself motivated.

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