10 Ways to Get Out of a Funk

Winter has felt extremely long this year, followed by a chilly, rainy, and occasionally snowy spring.

I worked really hard to fend off the winter blues by trying to stay active and busy. Although I staved off the winter blues, I also ran myself into the ground. I felt exhausted, uninspired and like I was in a bad funk,

I didn’t want to workout, write, read, or go out with friends. I was so tired and drained that all I wanted to do was Netflix and chill.

Here are 10 things I did to get myself out of this funk:

1. Find a video, podcast, or book that inspires you

            ~ Being that all I wanted to do was Netflix and chill, I went on Youtube to find videos to reinspire and motivate me. I also watched several documentaries.

2. Workout

            ~This one was difficult to do at first, but I recommend starting a new workout program and to try and find a support group that help keep you motivated and showing up for your workout every day.

3. Meditation

            ~When I have a lot on my mind I feel exhausted, but I am often unable to sleep. I find that doing a guided meditation while going to bed helps me settle my mind and fall asleep faster. I also enjoy doing a 10 minute morning affirmation meditation when I have time.

4. Fascia Blasting

            ~Okay, this one seems like an odd one, but it makes a big difference to me. Fascia blasting is a way of breaking down the connective tissue that contributes to cellulite and sometime paid due to stiffness. Fascia blasting helps increase circulation as well as irisin which is an exercise hormone. This is a habit that I find helpful mostly because it makes me feel good in my own skin and because it helps alleviate sore and tight muscles similar to foam rolling. 

            **I would also recommend dry brushing

5. Cooking

            ~When I cook at home I that there are a lot of benefits. I can control everything that goes into my food. This allows me to cut out added sugars and processed foods, which both contribute to me feeling lethargic.  I also think that cooking can be fun and bring joy. Cooking allows for creativity especially when you deviate from recipes or make up your own. As an added bonus this can help you save money.

6. Establish a Morning Routine

            ~How your day start sets the tone for how the rest of your day proceeds. I like to do a 10 minute affirmation meditation, make my bed, brush my teeth, wash my face, get dressed, drink hot lemon water with apple cider vinegar and cayenne, make my lunch, eat break fast and read the daily passage from Journey to the Heart by Melody Beattie.

7. Go for a Walk

            ~Getting out of the house is essential for me getting out of a funk. I like to listen to podcasts when I walk, sometimes to educate myself and inspire myself and sometime just to inspire myself. I also like to listen to music, but I find it important to listen to happy upbeat music, sad melancholy music tends to keep me in my funk. Some days, though, it’s nice to just go for a walk without anything but my thoughts to listen to.

8. Recommit to an old hobby or learn something new

           ~I find that I often get extremely busy in life and forget to do things that I love such as writing, reading, and learning languages. It’s also a good time to start learning a new skill that you have always wanted to learn. There are a lot of places that you can take online classes to learn something new including HarvardX and Skillshare.

9. Hangout with People Who Inspire You

            ~We are a reflection of the 5 closest people we hangout with. I find that when I’m in a funk I’m also hanging out with people who are in a funk, are generally negative or unmotivated. In order to get motivated you need to surround yourself with other people that are inspired, motivated, and generally living at a higher vibration.

10.  Dance it Out

            ~When in doubt put on some tunes and dance it out! It will raise you endorphins and change your mood!

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