Starting New

Have you ever had something magical sitting right in front of you and you never even knew it?

You wrote it off, thought you were too good for it, or maybe that you weren’t good enough for it.

Maybe you decide to go for it, but did so haphazardly, didn’t put your heart and soul into it, just did the bare minimum.

Have you ever though what could happen if you go all in?

This is exactly how my journey with Beachbody started.  Just another one of those stupid pyramid schemes. I kept having people reach out to me about. Then, I had a woman actually have a conversation with me about something relevant to my life. After a bit of conversing  she asked me if I wanted to join. I immediately reeled back and was like “yeah, no thanks. I’m doing my own thing.”

But, because she created that relationship with me I kept watching her and I could literally see her transformation before my eyes. She became happier. Had more energy and showed up for herself everyday.

After a few more comments here and there, she asked me to join again. This time it wasn’t a “No”, but an “I don’t know. I don’t have money, I have a gym membership, I’m going out of the country for a month.”

But, there was just something about it that appealed to me. My friends all lived in different states, my relationship with my ex-boyfriend was a complicated we’re together, but not together thing. I wanted connection, I wanted friends, I wanted better results, and I wanted to help people do what I did. Lose weight and become comfortable in their own skin.

So, I finally said “Yes”.

I signed up my best friend and another friend pretty quickly and then… nothing…

I tried to be consistent, but wasn’t great at posting. I was scared to reach out to people. I expected people to come to me. Surely they would see what I was posting and reach out.


This is when team cup started. Other people no depended on me. They depended on me signing people up, getting points, and working this business. So, I did some learning. I listened to several months worth of National Wake Up Calls. I listened to previous team calls on Youtube, and I started to go all in. Connecting to people, starting conversations, but also becoming consistent in my posting, doing my personal development, and tracking.

This is where the magic happened. No. I didn’t have a million people all the sudden signing up, but I started to learn what this community was about, I learned how good it felt to show up for myself everyday. I learned how important personal development is. I started to feel like I was putting out positive energy and in return I was receiving positive energy back.

Maybe, you’re magic isn’t about Beachbody, working out, or fitness, but whatever it is that is sitting in front of you, reach out, grab it, and become disciplined and consistent. Then, watch the magic happen.

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