Why Isn’t It Working

Why Isn’t It Working

I’ve found through all of my struggle to get fit and lose weight that everyone’s body functions differently, what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another.

In my newest expedition to get fit, not just skinny I started to do HIIT. I have never been huge into cardio even in my running phase I often found it difficult to breath and my lungs hurt. I hated that feeling. But, with HIIT you could do short spurts of cardio, high intensity, but it didn’t feel the same as doing straight cardio. I actually enjoyed my workouts even when I felt like I was dying. I did HIIT 5 times a week for several weeks and I did start to feel like I was building strength and endurance, but I felt like I was gaining weight. I wasn’t losing any fat. My clothes started to feel tight and I started to get stressed out. I told myself that I needed to stick it out, that eventually I would have to start losing weight.

After a few more weeks of this, I still wasn’t losing any of the weight. So, I decided that I needed to switch things up. I decided that running worked for me before. So, I started running again. I tested it slowly because I had injured my knee running several months before. I quickly realized that my knee felt good and I started a 4 week Nike Run Club program. After, just a few days I realized just how much I missed running and I was also surprised to discover how much easier running was after doing HIIT.

After a few weeks of this, I did notice that I was starting to lose weight, but I didn’t feel like I was achieving the goals I wanted. I continued to running, deciding to train for the Disney Princess Half Marathon , but I would incorporate some other workouts which were meant to lean and tone. I’m prone to gaining muscle and I find that I often bulk up and that it’s difficult to get a long lean body.

While I’m not where I want to be, I’ve discovered that you have to listen to your body and figure out what works best for you. Not every body is built the same, for some people weight lifting work best, for other dancing, swimming, or yoga.

The other things that I’ve found to be of utmost importance is finding workouts you enjoy and mixing it up. When I like my workouts, it takes a lot less motivation to get up and get moving.


What I learned:

* My body us prone to bulking, so if I want to lean out I have to find exercises that are leaning and toning, and not bulking

* I have to find exercises that make me excited to workout

*Mixing up my training keeps working out exciting



  • Try out a bunch of different workouts and find what works for you
  • If you can’t afford, or don’t want to pay for classes, Youtube is a great resource
  • Don’t stick to one exercises, you’ll burn yourself out after awhile

*** disclaimer I am not a medical or health expert these tips are purely from research and are self tested. Be sure to talk to an expert for proper health and nutrition recommendations

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