What Are You Running From?

Part 7:

Over the last year my previous roommate and her ex-boyfriend moved out of my apartment and I got a new roommate. Soon after my new roommate moved in she began training for the twin cities marathon. She had never run a marathon before, but she ran cross country in high school and found great enjoyment in running.

I on the other hand hated running. I had never been good at running try as I might over the years. I found it difficult to breath. I would stare at the time and counting down the seconds. I would usually make it 2 or 3 minutes on speed 5 and then slow back down to 3 for the rest of the time. My face turned red and I felt like I had to hated vomit. Even if I covered the clock, I still only made it a couple seconds.

I had always wanted to be a runner, there was just something about it that seemed so enticing. I was always envious of runners, I thought that their figures were super desirable, long and lean. They were everything that I was not.

I watched in envy as my roommate went outside and ran almost every day training for her marathon. All the while I just kept taking my diet pills and eating as little as possible.

Eventually, the winter came and with the winter came a new and very pleasant surprise. My roommate’s parents were getting rid of their treadmill and we decided to take it. It sat in our living room for several weeks just staring at me. I would watch my roommate run on the treadmill in the evening wishing that I could get the will power to start running.

Come January always comes New Year’s resolutions. I was never really one for New Year’s resolutions and I did not make one this year, but ironically about a week into January I decided that I had enough watching from the side lines, I was going to start running.

It was the first time that I had been on a treadmill since weighing 170lbs. The first time I ran, I was able to run a full mile at speed 5 which was quite impressive to me. The next night I ran for 15 minutes at 5 which is slightly more than a mile.

I was then introduced to the Nike Run Club App. This is a free application that can build a running program for you. I built a a 4 week program based on height, weight, number of days you want to run,  how many miles you currently run, and what your farthest run has been. It was the perfect program for a beginner. It eased me into running, but it also gave a lot of variety.

This program really started a fondness for running. Not that I wanted to run every day, and not that every run was easy, but I went from not running, to be able to run a 5k in 4 weeks. It was something that I honestly never thought that I would be able to do.

For me, the changes in my body were pretty quick. I continued to drop weight and I started to see some muscle definition in my legs and my arms. I did continue to take my diet pills and I continued to restrict my eating, but I was less strict because I was burning calories running.

What I learned:

* You can do anything you put your mind to

* Using Youtube videos or training applications can be helpful

*Other people can be good motivators



  • Nike+ Runclub or another running application is great when you’re first starting out
  • Using other people is motivation is great, but don’t judge yourself against them, it is not helpful or healthy
  • Know your body, know how hard you can push and know when to back off. It is really hard to recover from injuries and puts you back even farther.

*** disclaimer I am not a medical or health expert these tips are purely from research and are self tested. Be sure to talk to an expert for proper health and nutrition recommendations.

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