Enter Diet Pills, Stage Left

Part 6: Enter Diet Pills Stage Left

During this two year period of restrictive dieting and limited exercise I was introduced to diet pills. Now, I had known about diet pills for a long time as they are advertised everywhere, but I had always been skeptical of them and even a little afraid of them rightfully so.

During this time frame though I kept hearing about Garcinia Cambogia. Which is a supplement made from a tropical fruit called malabar tamarine. I saw it on Doctor Oz, saw it in magazines, the Kardashin’s were using it. I typically don’t subscribe to any of these things because very little of it is real or actually works, but during this time I was desperate to lose weight and be found attractive by men. I was desperate to look in the mirror and like what I see.

At this point my mom had kind of absently mindedly handed my a bottle of pure inspired 100% Garcinia Cambogia stating she had picked it up one day after reading about it, but never actually used them. My mom is a nurse and also pretty health conscious so I figured if she thought they were okay enough to buy than they must be alright.

I started taking them that day and for over a whole year I took 2 pills a day three times a day obsessively. And you know what they seemed to work, I was able to get past any plateaus I hit and I kept losing weight. When I did hit a plateau and the pills didn’t work, I would switch up the brand and start losing weight again. I was finally happy and seeing exactly the sort of results I wanted to see.

I however started to develop headaches, ringing in my ears, and other random illness that may have been directly contributed or they could have been coincidental. I got pink eye and a sinus infection. I developed swollen lumps in my armpits that swelled to the size on golf balls and took weeks worth of antibiotics to clear up. I also developed cracks in the corners of my lips that took months to go away.

At that point, I decided that I had lost enough weight to go off the diet pills. I was also getting concerned about all these weird symptoms and wondered if they could be linked to the pills. So, I quit them, but any time I gained a pound or two back, or I would eat more than I thought I should have I would quickly buy them and use them for a few days or weeks until I was happy again.

The cracking in the lips, really was the turning point for me. I would get the cracks cleared up for a day or two and then I would start the weight loss pills again and then the cracks would come back. I started to get concerned about allergy and other more serious ailments.

A few weeks after I quit the pills, the cracks completely cleared up, and I have not had any significant flare ups since.

I don’t know whether the two things are related or not, but either way it scared me off enough to never use them again, which I think is the safest and healthiest option. I have gained weight back since discontinuing the pills, but there are also a host of other things that changed in my life since quitting the diet pills.

What I learned:

* Diet pills are addictive

* Diet pills are dangerous

*It is hard to lose weight naturally



  • Do not every follow “magical weight loss” hype
  • Do not ever start taking weight loss pills and if you have stop right away
  • Know your body and know what does and doesn’t feel normal. You know yourself best and you will know when something isn’t right.

*** disclaimer I am not a medical or health expert these tips are purely from research and are self tested. Be sure to talk to an expert for proper health and nutrition recommendations.

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