The Middle

Health and fitness are directly intertwined with everything going on in your life. This period of my life had several key things that happened, both high and low, and in the same way so did my journey in health and fitness.

I am a planner, I have a plan for everything and a contingency plan for those plans, but when I feel lost and unsure of what the next step is, I tend to jump without looking. This leap for me meant moving to Florida with no job and no prospects. I moved into the living room of a one bedroom apartment with my best friends Aunt. In a lot of ways this was the best decision I ever made. During this time I rekindled some of interest in health. I started swimming in the mornings, walking in the evenings and learned some cooking. These ideas laid the foundation for where my health journey would eventually take me. They were small steps that I took, but they showed me what living on your own was like and helped me to figure out what sort of life I would lead post school.

I lived in Florida for 6 months all the while hating my job and knowing my living condition was temporary. After those 6 months the company I worked for was reorganizing and I decided to go back to school, so I moved back home to Minnesota.

This move to Minnesota prompted one of the darkest times in my life. I moved back in with my dad who was pissed that I decided to go back to school and was only working part time. He spent most days yelling about how much of a disappointment I was.  I coped with all of this by eating fast food and spending all of my free time reading books just to escape. All of these things as one can imagine is a huge backwards slide in my journey, but it was also a time that taught me the most.

I picked myself up by my boot straps, got a second job, started school part time, and moved out into an apartment. All of these things taught me that I had the ability and the tenacity to do anything I set my mind to. This idea that I could do anything if I really wanted to, and the knowledge that I could work harder than I ever thought I could was something that I continue to carry with me especially on days that are hard or that I want to give up. This concept really helped shape my fitness journey.

This is what I would consider the middle of my fitness journey, following this period of extreme fluctuation in my life, this started to stabilize and my fitness journey really started to pick up again, but not necessarily in the best way.

What I learned:

* Eating junk food doesn’t solve anything

* Stress needs a positive outlet

*It is really difficult to start eating and working out again once you stop



  • Keeping a journal of what you eat (not counting calories) can be helpful
  • Find healthy alternatives to snack on, especially if you stress eat.
  • Finding a productive outlet for your stress is key. Try something active such as walking, swimming, or yoga.

*** disclaimer I am not a medical or health expert these tips are purely from research and are self tested. Be sure to talk to an expert for proper health and nutrition recommendations.

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