Going in Reverse

For the next three years, things really leveled off for me. Classes got harder, participation in my sorority got more demanding, and spending time with friends became the number one priority. Over those next three years although I did keep some of my habits a lot of them fell off. I felt good about myself, I felt like I had achieved a lotd although I had not reached my long term goals. But, maybe I never would reach my goals, or maybe it would be too difficult, too much work, too time consuming.

Over the next three years I gained thirty pounds back and was back up to 170lbs by the time I graduated college. I did not even realize how much weight I had gained back until my clothes started to not fit and even then I was still trying to squeeze into clothes that were too small, wearing jeans until the thighs got holes in them from rubbing back and forth.

My eating habits although healthier than they had been before started to slide backwards especially after I moved off campus and had to buy food and cook for myself. I really did not know how to cook, my parents always cooked for me, and it’s difficult to cook for just one person. Another aspect that made eating difficult is living with 14 other women and only having one pantry and two fridges. It’s not really possible to keep a lot of food around when you only have a quarter of a shelf in the pantry and the fridge.

I stopped going to the gym because I no longer lived on campus and it was not convenient.  The excuses returned fast and furious. Every semester always started off with good intentions to work out and take classes, but eventually after a week or two those intentions went to the waste side.

Although I started to dislike myself again, I kept pushing those thoughts to the back of my head. Telling myself I would deal with it later, or if I ate minimal amounts of calories for a few days I could drop a few pounds and things would be fine.

By the time that senior year finished up, I was in one of the darker places that I have been in for years. I had no job and no idea what I wanted to do and I had gained weight back and didn’t have motivation or desire to do anything about it. Something needed to change, but trying to figure out what or how to do that when you’re at a low is difficult.

It was then that I decided to move to Florida and start life off fresh again.

What I learned:

* Having a scale to keep me in check is important without one it is easy to slowly start to slide backwards and not realize it

* It is important to schedule in time for things like exercise otherwise you will always find a reason not to do it

*Nutrition is one of the most important things to a healthy life


  • When you find yourself sliding back, take some time to refocus yourself. Define your long term and short term goals and start again
  • Keep a planner or a journal where you schedule in time to be active
  • Pinterest is my best friend when it comes to finding healthy recipes, take time to try and plan out as many meals a week as you can before you go grocery shopping
  • Grocery shopping a couple times a week will help if you have limited space and is good when you are buying a lot of fresh produce.

*** disclaimer I am not a medical or health expert these tips are purely from research and are self tested. Be sure to talk to an expert for proper health and nutrition recommendations.


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